Friday, November 23, 2012

Standing Up for the Furries

Wow,  Black Friday.  I went out today duh!  ha ha. Well, I decided to wear a settle part of my outfit out. My collar. I got quite a few looks like I was a crazy looney toon ( not cool). Any way, I had some one come up to me  and go " hey there puppy, come here you little bitch" blah blah blah. Well, any way I turned and I snapped at him " I'm a  fucking furry, and I'm not a fucking dog and I'm a damn wolf, and I will bite your damn hand off if you touch me one more damn time" Honestly, yes. I know I might have over reacted a bit. But seriously. How would you react if that happened ? Probably not any better then me :) Any way, He told me that us furries ( or are loved ones) are crazy psycho animal fuckers. Man did  he get talked down, he  got the speech of his life time, and by the end he felt like he was 2 inches tall and needed his mommy. Furries,  we need to stand up to morons like him more often. We need to get the word out there that we  are not nasty animal fuckers, but just normal animals in this crazy world! We are who we are, and nothing will ever change that . So put up your paws if you agree with me! Let out a howl ( or what ever sound you make)  to have change in this world. Cause I'm not sure about you. But I'm sick of idiots who mistreat us cause we are different. Whether you are gay, bi , straight, or lesbian. We are all part of a pack that need to stick together. Even if your not a " pack" animal your still part of us, no matter how different, no matter what race, species, gender, or sexual preference. Lets bond up and take our pride from these bitches and claim it!

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