Sunday, November 25, 2012

Awnsers to your questions!!!

So :) I got asked some question  here is part o the following message I received from a friend,

Ok here are some questions that i have. Some might have been answered but i forgot the answer.
1. You told me why u are a wolf. Do you believe there is some paranormal or supernatural explanation for it?
2. I know i don't see alot of furries in costume but i was wondering are they always furries or is it more of a personal type of thing?
3. We established that you are a wolf. Have u ever seen one in real life? If so, did you feel any kind of connection to it?
4. Hope this is not too forward but what kinds of things sexually does a wolf do that a human doesn't? I know furries is beyond sexual... but just curious about that."

Alright, so lets begin,

1.   Well, I told you, but not every one else, so let me establish that first
  •    My senses are canine, but i am not simply a dog, I'm  more shy, wild, free, harder to find, I'm a hunter, and patient ,i need a pack to survive
    •   How are my senses canine,I've always been like a dog. Always. even my mother noticed it. i chase anything that moves, especially birds, squirrels and cars, i growl. and have a keen sense of smell. better then most people.
  • But no,I do not believe that there is a " paranormal or supernatural" explanation behind it, and its not cause I don't believe in either of those, because I do. I just believe it's just based off the mentality of a person
2. WELL, I didn't understand what you meant, So I went back and asked.
"Are there people who only do it to dress up and it is a part-time hidden in the closet kind of thing. u know what I mean?"

  • I hope I can answer this  this correctly, but most likely  there are people who are fakers, or who just like to dress up for the hell of it. Most likely  they aren't always furries. But a good portion of the time people who dress up as animals for the hell of it are furries. 
  • I have never seen a wolf, other then in the zoo those animals are so miserable that its impossible to even have them look your way. I do feel connections with other canines though
  •  Well the question is a little out there, but I  will still answer it.
    • honestly there isn't much a difference accept howling, referring to body parts differently, " clawing" instead of scratching and just acting more like an animal
I Hope this answers your questions

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