Saturday, November 24, 2012

Humans and Furries

Some one asked me today when I was handing  my blog ULR out *poke poke* (you should do that to) How a furry and a human relationship works. Well honestly, I think it can work like any other relationship, BUT ( yes there is always a but)  that human should know and understand from the beginning,  that you are a furry and what a furry is if they don't know. You also want to make sure the person is comfortable if you refer to your hands as paws or talk in was or ever ( if you yiff I personally don't)  that if you make animal sounds or yiff that the human will feel comfortable with it as well. The human has to be willing to  accept your ways and understand that its a way of life that you may not be willing to give up easy.

    In my past experiences with human and furry relationships, it can become a 24/7 pet play sorta situation, which is pretty hot if you think about it.  But if your not careful you an end up getting a person who will try and either change you, or turn the relationship into " I'm the human, your the animal. Now do  blah blah blah"  I honestly am all for a human and furry relationship and well ass human and human, and furry and furry. And  so on and so forth. We all have are rights. now lets use them :)

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