Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Okay, Lets Get This Straight

Well people :)
I need to get this straight, because I have had so many people assume so many things about furries that are so not true.  I really need to get the point a crossed  Right NOW. While talking on the phone with a friend the other night, I said " Richard, what do you think about furries? " Of course he really didn't know what it was so he asked the people he was with, but their idea of a furry was way off. The first idea they came up with was furries all dress in a costume and have sexual intercourse this way. That is WAY off. As I mentioned in my first blog, only 10% of furries actually dress up in costumes. And those costumes are pretty much just like a mascot costume, BUT can cost THOUSANDS of dollars so just remember if you want toe " pet" a fursuiter  ask first, make sure your hands are clean, and be very gentle.  Not all furries dress up in complete out fits as well, some only wear paws/ foot paws,  a fursuiters head, tail, ears,  it varies on the type of person.  BUT there are some furries who do take action in sexual activities while wearing an "outfit" but these out fits are specially designed for those activities only.
Another fact is that being a furry does not mean that they have had sex with animals.And the stupid idiots who think that it is, WELL. THEY ARE STUPID.
1% of the furry fandom have been sexually involved with animals. The other 99.9% have either thought about it or not even came to thought.


  1. People think what they want. Unfortunately people think that furries are just perverts well after learning about it no it isn't that way it does piss me off the way people act or treat furries -_- Thank you for this website :)

    1. Your so very welcome! Just continue to follow me and every day I'll be posting up new and weird things about furries every day:) or just random things too. As well as be sure to check out my drawings in the future since I have more in the progress :) thanks for following!