Sunday, May 12, 2013

Got an idea

Well, I had some one offer to buy my erotic drawings, And I figured, wise well make some dough off what I like to do :) If you would like a HAND drawn requested drawing of a furry, or even an animals of some sort, with your explanation of how you want it, what colors you would like used, ect, Then I will draw for you, show you a copy of the drawing before any money (Via Paypal) is exchanged (the drawing I will show I will put a water mark a crossed so that the picture is still my property. If satisfied I will send the drawing and a receipt  out Via Mail to the mailing address I receive once the drawing is paid for. 
I'm thinking of
**Prices are to help pay for art supplies, mailing supplies and for time put into them, part of the profit also goes to helping my parents and our small farm**
$3- outline pencil/ pen sketch (no color)
$5- touch of light color (lightly shaded)
$10- complete color, more detail, ect

Email me if interested at all,


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