Monday, January 21, 2013

-growls- more deffinitions

-growls- I'm a wolf hear me howl :P  Furries, some people love us some people hate us. Some people have no idea what we are. We need to explain to every one what a furry is. Once again I will re-post what I originally had back in November.

Furries are people who enjoy roleplaying as anthropomorphic animals, or acting like animals. Many believe that the furry fandom is a form of escapism for people who cannot people who are uncomfortable with day-to-day communications as humans. Others believe that the furry fandom is an underground sex cult for closeted zoophiliacs. Both sides are correct. But for the most part Furries are just like any other cosplayer.
Furries can be grouped into one or more of several categories: Roleplayers, artists, consumers, erotic, and fursuiters.

Fursuiters are furries who enjoy dressing up in costumes similar to those of mascots. Fursuiters make up only a small percentage of the fandom- no more than 10%. However, they generally consider themselves the spokesmen of the fandom, and are therefore what most people associate with furries. In the spectrum of furriness, erotic fursuiters are generally considered the extreme.

Furverts( aka Erotic Furries)   are erotic furries  who enjoy and/or get off to pornographic furry art. Though not all furries prefer the erotic end of the fandom, there is usually some underlying tone of eroticism within all furries.

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