Thursday, December 6, 2012

My opinion on the word "yiff"

A lot of times people relate furries to those who " yiff"  Well, some do and some don't I honestly am not a fan of the word. I Believe the word "yiff"  is mainly just used by "beginners" , foxes, and those who just don't want to refer to sexual intercourse as; Sex, Sexual intercourse, mating, fucking, and any other term you can think of.  It your going to use slang for sex, make it a good one
No offense  to any of those who are foxes out there, but a lot of people use the role of a fox to be a slut. I disagree and agree in some ways. But Just because they use the foxes to be the "sluts" of the furry fandom doesn't mean they have to use the sound a fox makes while breeding to represent sex. I'm hoping this makes sense cause I'm half out of it. And if I offended any one my greatest apologize I didn't mean to. Just view it as our differences as individuals :)

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Yiff is part of a range of onomatopoeic words that form a pseudo-language used by the furry role-playing community: yiff, yip, yerf, yaff, yarf, growf and growlf (in order from most positive connotations to most negative connotations). Yiff meant yes or an exuberant hello!. Later, yiff was assigned a meaning of a sexual proposition, a meaning that had previously been assigned to yipp (a coarse form of yip).


  1. (onomatopoeic, apocryphal) Representing the bark of a fox (especially while mating).
  2. (of a person, informal) To express happiness, to state that something is sexy.


yiff (usually uncountable; plural yiffs)
  1. (informal) A bark.
  2. (slang, informal) The act of yiffing.  [quotations ▼]
  3. (slang, informal) Pornography of furries (fictional anthropomorphic animal characters).
    Do you draw yiff?

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